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August 2, 2019

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Jenn and Tim Rout own an adorable, cozy 2-bedroom California home built in 1928. Jenn has a love for vintage pieces, so finding this home was the perfect stage for her style.

But for Jenn and Tim, their home is more than just a home — it tells a story, too. They did a little research at their local archives, and they discovered that their home was designed by a female architect.

“Having a female architect was very unusual for [1928],” Jenn explained. “It turns out that her husband had passed away, and she needed to find a way to make money and support her two children. She was able to design this house and used her husband’s best friend’s name [which kept her identity secret], since women back then weren’t allowed to work.”

Jenn loves historical details like these. And the house itself boasts a lot of fun character—wood beams in the living room, hardwood floors and brick fireplaces.

Mixing the Old with the New

When it comes to incorporating vintage decor in a home, its all about balance. In the video above, you’ll see all the creative ways that Jenn has showcased the unique pieces that she’s collected over the years, blending the old with the new.

“I really love older things,” said Jenn. “Something about the lives that they’ve lived before they came to me, I find very comforting.”

In her living room, you’ll spot a large periodical in the center of the coffee table—it’s a collection of the New York Times articles from August 1936. Also displayed are her grandmother’s milk glass, a beautiful stained glass window salvaged from a church, and a vintage library card catalog, obtained from a local library.

Transitioning a Nursery for 1 into a Nursery for 2

One change that Jenn recently made in her home is updating her son’s nursery. With baby #2 due just next week, she’s transitioned this space from a nursery for one into a nursery for two. And it’s simply adorable!

Reading nook in the nursery

The room is a soft mixture of neutral colors—grays, whites, and beiges—with splashes of color added through greenery, a gallery wall of construction truck prints, and a navy reading chair.

In addition to her job as a mother, Jenn also is the co-founder/co-host of the podcast. She and her co-founder, Lara Schulte, talk about all things motherhood—navigating modern-day mom-life isn’t always easy, but at least we’re not alone! Be sure to check out the podcast and follow them on Instagram:

For Jenn’s full home tour, see the video above!

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