Is It Worth The Hype? IKEA High Chair Review

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September 11, 2018

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Where to buy the IKEA Antilop High Chair:

It’s typically cheapest at IKEA, even if you have to ship it. You can also find it on Amazon and if you find it used that’s great, as you could just wipe it down easily before use.

What I love:

  • Cost. It’s the one of the cheapest highchairs on the market by far, including Walmart highchairs. You’ll probably save at least $50 by going with this one (or in my case, with triplets, at least $150).
  • Appearance. It’s simple, clean cut, and easy on the eyes, and goes with the style of almost any home. If you don’t like how plain it is, there are tons of ideas on how to modify it on Pinterest — like here and here.
  • Easy to clean. I didn’t bother buying the cushion, because I have triplets, and they’re really messy — I didn’t want to be washing spaghetti off of high chair cushions on top of all the other laundry. In fact, I specifically selected this one because it DIDN’T come with a cushion. I searched far and wide for other high chairs that you could just wipe down, and the next best option I found was the 4moms chair that’s $299.
  • 3 point seat belt. Even my little Harry Houdini can’t get out of this chair at 15 months.
  • Good height.  You can pull it up to the table and your child is right at normal height with the table, and also you can sit in a chair facing baby to feed and you’re not hunched over.
  • Lightweight but sturdy. Super easy to pick up and move, but because of the wide leg base, they also don’t tip over easily.
  • Divider between your child’s legs so he/she can’t slide out, but sizeable leg holes. Even very chunky thighs should be just fine in these.

What I don’t love:

The legs stick out pretty far, which can be a small learning curve for the adults. We tripped over ours for a while until we found a spot that was out of the way enough to avoid the tripping.

Also, the tray basically doesn’t come off, and that might be a dealbreaker for some. If you want a high chair that has a removable tray, I wouldn’t buy this one. Some moms I know have accidentally broken theirs trying to remove the tray — it basically requires an act of God to get it off. Since it’s so easy to clean as is, we just leave the tray on all the time and that’s been no big deal for us.

Would I buy this again?

Yes, 100%, and consistently recommend it to new moms and moms of multiples.

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  1. Carly says:

    Love this highchair! My in-laws insisted on getting one of the new 4moms high chair to use in their home when I bring the LO over over lunch or dinner and I’m so glad I grabbed the IKEA one instead! So much simpler to use and easy to clean.

  2. Halley Netsch says:

    It’s so funny you say that because I almost mentioned the 4moms high chair in this review! It’s the closest in style and function, but not at all close in price 😉 so glad you like it too!

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