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October 4, 2018

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Kids love this park because it’s huge and there’s so much to explore!

Address: 260 Parkway Blvd. Coppell TX 75019

Andy Brown East Park is a very large outdoor playground with TONS of shade trees. Kids love this park because it’s huge and there’s SO much to explore. Inside the almost fully enclosed playground, there are lots of different winding paths, steps and turrets. Other areas include: rock climbing walls, many slides, tire swings, tunnels, swings and monkey bars. A little music section in the center of the main playground is also a fun, interactive addition.

We love coming here because the shade of the trees really helps break the heat and makes this spot doable even on warmer days. It has the look of a wooden playground, but no splinters because it’s faux, and the ground cover is wood chips. We also love that there’s tons of seating for parents and caregivers to easily keep an eye on their kiddos.

For moms with little ones, there’s a nicely designated “Tot Lot” for ages 2-5, with 3 baby swings. It is attached to the older kids area so you can easily keep an eye on them too, and has safety rails throughout most of it so you don’t have to worry about them toppling off many edges. It is very stroller and wagon accessible as well.

Important Information About Andy Brown East Park

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Age Range: All

Parking: Tons

Bathrooms: Yes, they’re nice and new, but they’re a bit of a walk. The outdoor bathroom facility is its own separate brick building off to the side. It’s easily viewable from the park and within walking distance, but not attached to the playground.

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