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October 14, 2018

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Beautiful Bicentennial park is sure to excite kids of all ages with its unique and inviting dragon-themed layout.

Address: 450 W. Southlake Blvd. Southlake, TX

Bicentennial Park is honestly one of the most gorgeously landscaped playgrounds I’ve ever seen. This dragon-themed, water-feature playground has a very unique layout, and is inviting for people of all ages.

When you first enter, there’s a large sandpit, complete with playhouse and a trickling water feature, especially fun for little ones. As the pathway winds around, you’ll discover a huge stone dragon that sprays water out its nostrils. The water flows down alongside the dragon’s body, which forms a small stream for kids to play in.

The center of the playground is marked by a fun splash pad where kids can run through bright water sprayers. There are also slides and swings for younger kids ages 2-5 near the sandpit and front entrance.

The older-children’s playground is towards the back of the playground. It is definitely for older kids (the stated age is 5-12). It has traditional playground structures as well as a climbable stone wall and other unique features.

It’s a good idea to stick to the stated age level for this section, because there is an upper deck path with “peep holes” in the wall that are large enough for a young child to fall through. However, older kids love it, and will have a blast climbing down the wall from top to bottom through these peep holes. In addition, there’s a large climbable rope structure, ziplines, and a variety of different swings.

We honestly love coming to this park and my kids never want to leave. There are just enough trees providing shade for us to stay awhile, and my kids never get bored. I also like that it’s entirely enclosed, with one entrance in and out of the playground. Even if you don’t live in Southlake, I’d say it’s definitely worth a little drive.

Important Information about Bicentennial Park
Hours: 6 am – 11 pm
Age Range: All
Parking: There are two main entrances to this playground (north and south entrances). Although the entire park facility is fairly large, the playground is centrally located. You’ll want to keep driving straight from either direction until you’ll see the park off to your left or right depending on which entrance you’re coming from. It’s surrounded by a black gate and parking is right in front.

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