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April 29, 2020

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From our April Survival Mode series, here’s a playlist you can turn to whenever you need a pick-me -up!

Music is a gift that enriches our lives so much. In motherhood, it can serve as a beautiful reminder of who we are, who we love, and where we have been. It feeds our dreams and sparks creativity. 

A good song can turn your day around. More than once, a fresh tune has taken me from languishing on the couch, to finding the energy to tackle a sink full of dishes. It’s like throwing the windows open on a spring day. 

Sometimes I ride the musical time machine and listen to old songs that revive memories of childhood, loved ones, and past adventures. Playlists my husband and I exchanged in our early days of dating have a strong impact on me still. Music has an incredible power to connect people, and sometimes the reminder that we are not alone is enough to pull us out of Survival Mode.

Anytime we have guests over to our home, I like to have some music playing quietly. I think it puts people at ease. Why not set that same tone for yourself and your kids? Create a mood-elevating soundtrack for the kind of day you want to have! It’s a great way to express yourself and live artfully. If you need to scrape a banana off the floor, you may as well scrape a banana off the floor to the zippy sounds of 1960’s French Pop (or whatever makes you smile) and dance with your baby in the kitchen!

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