Why I (Almost) Always Stop and Let People Talk To My Baby

We’ve all heard the rants of nervous mothers, upset that a stranger reached out and booped their baby on the nose. As a mom of three, I totally get it! It is important to be the voice for your baby, to set boundaries and be there to enforce them. I start talking to my kids […]


How Finding a Creative Outlet Brought Me Peace in Motherhood

Tell us a little bit about yourself! I’m a hand lettering and watercolor artist, and a wife to Cory and mom of four boys, Henry (5), Fulton (4), Pio (3) and Freddie (4 months). I’m originally from Michigan but now living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Cory and I met at a small private college and […]


“Our Marriage Comes First” – Mom of Three and U.S. Coast Guard Officer

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Hi! My name is Ali. I am a Marine Engineer by trade and currently I am an officer on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard as a marine inspector. I come from a military family — my mom and dad were both active duty Navy. I moved […]


We Opened a Craft Brewery with Two Kids In Tow

Of all places, my husband and I met on Tinder a little over four years ago. We had no mutual friends and our only “matched interest” was probably a pretty common one: The Beatles. However, after a handful of dates, I was sure he was the one. We fell hard and fast and it turned […]


What I’ve Learned as an Army Wife

I share my husband with every citizen of this country. That’s an intense idea that’s hard to wrap my head around sometimes. It’s easy to fall into a trap of selfishness when I haven’t seen him for days, or when I’m more used to falling asleep alone at night than with him. I didn’t exactly […]


Navigating Life as a Working, Traveling Mom: “We are Masters of Our Work, Not The Other Way Around”

All moms work, whether it’s paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, inside the home or at the office. This article is part of a series of interviews we are conducting with moms who are in various types of professional roles. Making room for both motherhood and a job can be a difficult balance, so we’re […]


Grow Your Gratitude: 3 Easy Steps for Busy Moms

A couple years ago, a good friend came to visit. She had just read Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts and was overflowing with excitement — the book had left her with a new perspective on life. It had opened her eyes to the power of gratitude. And she couldn’t stop talking about it. “Our […]

Everyday Homes

Beauty and Function In the Melding of Old and New: Our 1940s Historic Home Tour

When we bought our home four years ago, it was in bad shape. It was over 70 years old, a vacant, leaking, neglected foreclosure, filled with dirt, dog hair, and junk. But it was on 16 beautifully wooded acres, right next door to my parents, had tons of historic charm (it was originally given as […]


Marriage is HARD. 8 Tips to Keep the Spark Alive (With Kids in Tow)

I won’t mince words here: marriage can be freaking HARD. Sure, in the beginning it’s easy to keep the spark alive while everything is still new and you don’t have little miniature humans running around. But throw parenting on top of marriage and it’s a million times harder … and often your spouse takes the […]


Why I’m Not Afraid of Down Syndrome

Sometimes our most definitive moments are loud – a birth, a death, an accident, a promotion. But sometimes they happen quietly, in the smallest of spaces between otherwise ordinary moments. I was thinking about this the other day as I was giving our baby Ronan a bath. About the path that led me to him, […]


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