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March 23, 2020

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We’re now all spending more time at home than ever before, so our editors wanted to share some resources from around the web that can help us spend this time with our kids at home in meaningful ways. After all, love begins at home! 

In truth, all our babies really need is our love and attention… And although we shouldn’t feel compelled to line up activity after craft after podcast on end, we hope it will be helpful to have a list of resources to quickly reference when moments of need arise!

We hope this landing page will be a helpful resource for you to visit during the next few weeks, and that a museum tour, audiobook, or activity below will help you fill these uncertain days at home with smiles, joy, and love. 

Activities for Kids 

Busy Toddler Quick and Easy Indoor Activities

Busy Toddler Messy Play

Busy Toddler Bathtime Play

Busy Toddler Science Experiments

Days with Grey Block Play

Days with Grey Name Games

Days with Grey Under Two-Years-Old Activities

Fun Ideas for Magna-Tiles

32 Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

87 Energy-Busting Indoor Games 

Virtual Tours of Museums, Zoos and Historic Sites


The Lourve  

The Smithsonian 

Musee d’Orsay

State Hermitage Museum 

The British Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum, London

The Acropolis Museum 

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Vatican Museum 

Michigan Science Center

The Johnson Space Center

Zoos and Aquariums

Georgia Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

National Aquarium

San Diego Zoo

Houston Zoo

Atlanta Zoo

Historic Sites

The Great Wall of China

The Gardens of Versailles

The White House

113 National Parks

The Galapagos Island 

Petra, Jordan

Machu Picchu

The Surface of Mars

Apps and Web Resources for Kids

Sago Mini World App

Khan Academy App

Little Pim App

Scholastic Learn at Home

ABC Mouse

Youtube Videos for Kids

How to Draw Tutorials

Dude Perfect Trick Shots

Frozen 2: Make Your Move

Fireman: Make Your Move

Kiboomers Freeze Dance

Classic Movies for Kids

Swiss Family Robinson

Mary Poppins

The Sound of Music

Herbie Love Bug

Wizard of Oz

Podcasts and Audiobooks for Kids

Stories Podcast

Brains On

Pinna Podcasts and Audio Stories

Hoopla Digital Library


Storytime from Space


8 Great Audiobooks

Amazon Finds

If ever a time called for stocking the game cabinet, replenishing art supplies, or investing in a new toy or two just because… 

Board and Card Games

Bug Bingo

Disney Eye Found It 

Chutes and Ladders

Pretty Pretty Princess

Match a Track

Butterfly Wings Matching Game


Charades for Kids

Puzzles and Fine Motor Skill Sets

Mudpuppy Puzzles

Pattern Blocks and Board


Learning Resources Fine Motor Peacocks

Build a Bouquet Stacking Set

Mini Muffin Match Up Counting Set

Fine Motor Bee Hive

LEGO box

Outdoor Activity Supplies

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Table 

Foldable Soccer Nets

Backyard Explorer Kit

Stomp Rocket

Stickers, Paint, and Art Activities

Paint by Stickers for Kids

Reusable Puffy Stickers Wild Adventures

Sticker Kaleidoscope Activity Book


Chunkies Paint Sticks

How to Draw Almost Everything for Kids Book

Water Wow!

Sensory Bin Supplies

Kinetic Sand 

Water Beads

Instant Snow

Play Foam

Tool Set

Jumbo Droppers

Indoor Energy Zappers

Tunnel Tent

Mini Trampoline 


Bouncy Horse Hopper


If you find yourself in need of a no prep activity on the fly, here are 21 of our favorite ideas below!

01. Arrange toys by size, color, family, etc., line them up in a parade, make number groups, clean them with soap and water

02. Have a tea party

03. Play Guess the Animal/Character/Car/Movie (parent describes it, kids guess it)

04. Put all the pillows on the floor and make a cozy nest or habitat

05. Have a dance party

06. Play library, grocery store, hair salon, doctor

07. Practice somersaults, jumping jacks, cartwheels, tying shoes, putting on clothes, buttoning jackets, skipping, hopping, balancing on one foot

08. Play Simon Says

09. Go for a “crazy walk” i.e. walk backwards, side to side, march, high-knees

10. Draw a bubble bath

11. Facetime a grandparent 

12. Have a movie party with blankets, popcorn and treats

13. Make puddles with the hose and stomp around

14. Water plants

15. Have a fashion show 

16. Wrestle

17. Hide toys around the house and have kids go find them

18. Wash the car/bike/stroller

19. Read aloud

20. Tell fill in the blank stories where kids pick the character’s names and actions

21. Bake together

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