Rustic Modern Classic Inspiration Guide

June 21, 2021

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We never want you to feel that your home or your style have to be defined by certain rules or guidelines. Your home is a unique canvas that is reflective of you, your family, your life, and the things that you find beautiful, and it would be a terrible abuse of design to put you in a “box” governed by any one type of design.

However, there are certain design elements and physical shapes that do affect the way we feel in a space. If you love the idea of creating a given feeling in a space, but you aren’t sure exactly how to pull everything together, this guide (the first of many to come) might be for you.

Our Rustic Modern Classic guide is inspired by the spirit of the countryside, classic American architecture, and spaces that serve us functionally for the way we live now. 

Our goal is to walk you through creating a given feeling in your home by offering ideas and inspiration for tangible colors, textures, patterns and finishes you might utilize as you bring this feeling to life in your own way.

Here’s what this guide includes:

  • An example whole house paint color palette (Benjamin Moore) rooted in warm neutrals and inspired by blues and greens occurring in nature — curated in a muted collection with subtle grey-brown undertones
  • Detailed information on undertones, lighting, and selecting additional colors after determining your main palette
  • Furniture design analysis highlighting shapes and silhouettes that tend to serve this style well
  • An overview of the millwork and trim often used in classic architecture, along with ideas to incorporate these elements in any size of home
  • A walkthrough on how to use art, rugs, lighting, and window treatments in this style to help make a space feel more like home
  • A visual inspiration board (with products linked!) collecting light fixtures, furniture, rugs, wallpaper and more that can serve as a launchpad as you begin to curate your own collection
  • Links to recommended books and website for further reading

This guide was curated by Halley Netsch. For more information, see her portfolio or find her on Instagram.


  1. This guide does not include kitchen or bathroom design inspiration — if you’re seeking assistance with that, we recommend working with one of our designers one on one.
  2. This is not a physical product. When you purchase this guide, you will receive a link to download this file as a PDF and save to your device. You can download this file three times before permission expires. If you have any trouble, please email us, at
  3. Please do not share this guide outside your household. It is intended to be an inspiration or a launch pad for you as you consider your intentions for your home, and we’d love for you to share it with those living there with you, but please do not forward to others. Thank you for your support as we work to develop more of these guides and serve other families in the sacred art of making a home.

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