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March 11, 2021

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When our homes are designed in a way that is meaningful, beautiful, and functional, we are more at peace. We want to help you create that physical space which reflects the love you have for your family, with the beauty, efficiency, organization and functionality that you want to experience in your home.

Sometimes you just need to ask design questions face to face — this package is for you. Maybe you have a few spaces in your house you’d like suggestions for, or perhaps you have just one room you’d like input in redoing. This package includes a 35 minute conversation where you can ask us as many or as few questions as you like about whatever you’d like to discuss.  We will ask you to send photos in advance, and  schedule a one-on-one call over the phone, via FaceTime or over Skype where we’ll talk through your design needs and answer any design questions you may have. 

Purchasing this plan includes:

  • An initial email where we’ll let you know everything we need prior to the phone call: photos of your space, your questions in order of importance, and any additional details you feel are important. Preparation will maximize how many questions and concerns our designers can address for you during the call. 
  • A scheduled conversation via phone call, FaceTime or Skype up to 35 minutes where a designer will give you their input, answer your questions, and help you as you make design decisions for your home. 
  • A follow up email as necessary to recap the conversation and keep it as a reference

You should receive the initial email within 24 hours of purchase. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder and then email us. Please allow flexibility for designers’ schedules when booking the call. 


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Your consult will start with an email or phone to discuss the scope of the project and provide you with an estimate. We will then send a questionnaire to determine your style and preferences. We charge an hourly-based fee to do all designing for you and provide you with a vision board and curated shopping list so you decide what you want to invest in on your timeline.

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