5 Healthy Weeknight Meals to Help You Conquer Mealtime

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April 7, 2019

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Nothing seems to make my life more complicated than the necessity to feed people every single evening. Mamas, can we discuss why our people need to eat every night?! It’s a bit excessive 🙂

The truth is I love gathering people around a meal. I love using food as a gateway to bring people to my everyday table, into my everyday life.

What I love less is the weekly meal planning and do not even get me started with grocery shopping. Have I mentioned the dishes?

The number one thing that is saving my life is having a few weeknight recipes that are fresh, healthy and easy. I can go to the grocery store without needing to make a list because we make these meals so often.

Here’s what’s in my arsenal:

01. Homemade Taco Meat and Avocado Crema – We make this weekly! It truly comes together in under twenty minutes. What I really love about it is the versatility. It can be served over rice like a burrito bowl, in taco shells, or over a bed of lettuce.

02. Sweet & Spicy Shredded Chicken Sliders: I make the meat in a crockpot or Instant Pot to keep things quick and simple. The sauce, which is just three ingredients, is always a crowd pleaser!

03: Two Ingredient Roast: This is the ultimate set it and forget it meal. A roast that just uses a jar of pepperoncini but is packed with flavor! It is perfect to feed a crowd, or for a week when you need leftovers.

04: The Best Burger Recipe: homemade burgers really come together fast and it is fun to have an evening of grilling outside (especially with the warmer weather coming!).

05: Weeknight Pasta Sauce: Making homemade Bolognese sauce is easier than I thought when I first tried it out. The flavor cannot be beat. This is the meal I make every time we have new guests over! We also keep it healthy by serving it over sweet potato or butternut squash noodles.

As a bonus, if I’m ever in a pinch for a weeknight meal (which happens weekly) I always have everything I need to throw together some sheet pan nachos! They are filling and can be very healthy when you top them with a lot of fresh veggies!

Here’s to showing up to our everyday tables a little less frazzled and with a meal that is stress-free but satisfying!

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