Wondering what it’s like to be a foster parent? One mom opens up about why they love it

Meet Cathleen.  Cathleen Bearse is a wife, mother, and founder of Fearless Fostering, an online support network where foster moms can find coaching, community, and encouragement as they open their homes and their hearts to children in the foster care system.  Here at Everyday Mamas, we are dedicated to helping moms embrace the sacredness of […]

Everyday Musings

What the “Pasta Grannies” can teach us about kitchen design, womanhood, and what we really need

I spend my days hustling between clients’ homes and countertop slab yards. I start the day in my own kitchen, re-designing it in my head as I wonder what I’ll make for dinner when my hungry mob gets home. My real and imagined kitchen, as well as my clients’, swirl in my brain, a sea […]

Everyday Homes

Painting tile + the best stencils around

Many moons ago I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, as one does, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Grace (@camp_patton) was painting her tile floors. Yes. PAINTING THEM. I didn’t even know that was a thing, or that it was even possible. But I immediately thought of my kids’ bathroom and how […]

Everyday Homes

The difference a beam makes

I’ve always loved the look of exposed wood beams, but I never imagined I’d actually ever have them. You know? You have to live in a hundred year old house, I thought, or build a custom home and have them as part of your architecture— I just never imagined I’d actually be in a situation […]

Things We Love

Inspiration for an easy front porch makeover

When it comes to decorating, so often we focus our attention on the interior of our home. After all, it’s where we spend the most time. But with nice weather rolling in, we’ll all be spending more and more of our days in the summer sun. And just like inside our homes, an occasional update […]

Everyday Homes

8 Must-know tomato growing tips

Now is the time to plant everyone’s favorite summer crop, tomatoes! From canning to salads to right off the vine, these versatile fruits are an easy-to-grow and delicious addition to your garden. Here are a few quick tips to help you have a fruitful harvest.  Tomatoes need space. If you are planting in a pot, […]

Things We Love

DIY stone Blessed Mother: 5 minute makeover

Truly, this little “makeover” will take 5 minutes. Maybe even less. I was at my parent’s house last summer, admiring their (what I perceived to be) gorgeous white stone statue of the Blessed Mother. I asked my mom where she got it, and she said they painted it. How this thought had never occurred to […]

Things We Love

8 versatile spring dresses

As mamas we wear a lot of hats and fill a lot of roles, and we think our dress collections should follow suit! ⁠⁠So we’ve rounded up 8 spring dresses that can be dressed up or down, and are versatile enough for all of our seasons of life. Plus, nearly all of them are pregnancy, […]

Things We Love

Making space for prayer: how one mom of 6 designed a home oratory

One evening, just a few weeks ago, my husband was deeply inspired to create a family oratoryand informed me that he had ordered a bronze, Benedictine altar crucifix, an incense boat with a supply of frankincense, an icon for each of our children’s namesakes (baby #7 is on the way), and was on the hunt […]

Everyday Homes

How to choose wallpaper, and 12 designs I would use in my home

I had no idea, as I glued a panel of wallpaper to my dining room wall in a rare moment of courage, the extent of the wallpaper love affair that would ensue. The design that I chose is more bold than I would have normally guessed for myself, but I love it so much, and […]


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