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8 Must-know tomato growing tips

Now is the time to plant everyone’s favorite summer crop, tomatoes! From canning to salads to right off the vine, these versatile fruits are an easy-to-grow and delicious addition to your garden. Here are a few quick tips to help you have a fruitful harvest.  Tomatoes need space. If you are planting in a pot, […]

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DIY stone Blessed Mother: 5 minute makeover

Truly, this little “makeover” will take 5 minutes. Maybe even less. I was at my parent’s house last summer, admiring their (what I perceived to be) gorgeous white stone statue of the Blessed Mother. I asked my mom where she got it, and she said they painted it. How this thought had never occurred to […]

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8 versatile spring dresses

As mamas we wear a lot of hats and fill a lot of roles, and we think our dress collections should follow suit! ⁠⁠So we’ve rounded up 8 spring dresses that can be dressed up or down, and are versatile enough for all of our seasons of life. Plus, nearly all of them are pregnancy, […]

Things We Love

Making space for prayer: how one mom of 6 designed a home oratory

One evening, just a few weeks ago, my husband was deeply inspired to create a family oratoryand informed me that he had ordered a bronze, Benedictine altar crucifix, an incense boat with a supply of frankincense, an icon for each of our children’s namesakes (baby #7 is on the way), and was on the hunt […]

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How to choose wallpaper, and 12 designs I would use in my home

I had no idea, as I glued a panel of wallpaper to my dining room wall in a rare moment of courage, the extent of the wallpaper love affair that would ensue. The design that I chose is more bold than I would have normally guessed for myself, but I love it so much, and […]

Everyday Musings

Morning prayers with kids

Mornings around here are crazy. Everyone wakes up very, VERY ready for the day. Energy levels are high, appetites are intense, and between the school lunch packing, the hair brushing, the oatmeal making, and the rushing out the door we don’t usually have a lot of time to stop for a quiet moment and talk […]

Things We Love

How (and why) to install real wallpaper: everything I learned from my first take

Wallpaper is one of those things that looked beautiful on the Internet but I was pretty sure I’d never try it. First of all, because I had seen those videos of people putting it up and having it just continually rip or fall or go crooked or whatever other thing that happened to go wrong […]


Six neutral beach bags for under $50

Warmer weather has us heading to the beach, and we’re loving these cute and roomy bags that fit all of our diaper bag contents, towels, snacks, and sunscreen with ease. Best news of all? They’re all neutral, chic (and under $50) so they pair easily with whatever beach day outfit you’re donning and look extra […]

Everyday Homes

Halley’s mudroom makeover: the power of paint

You know you’re a mom when one of your favorite parts of your new house is the mudroom. Seriously. We live on a dirt road, so it’s especially awesome to have a place to shed all the mud that inevitably makes its way up the driveway and all over all four kids, but truly, having […]

Everyday Homes

Budget-friendly spring refresh

There’s nothing better than sunny spring days spent outdoors. And as we transition to warmer weather our attention is naturally directed to our patios, porches, and backyard spaces where we can create fresh and functional al fresco vignettes for everyday life to take place. It doesn’t matter whether you live on acres of land, in […]


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