Sit on the floor and reclaim the beauty of today

I’m willing to bet all the unmatched socks in my laundry room that you, mama, have lived some variation of this scenario common to my household.  Here’s the scene: I’m at home with my kids, feeling bothered and slightly overwhelmed that the kids are “in the way” of the next checked box on my to-do […]


The price of the Pill: why hormonal birth control costs more than I’m willing to pay

Ding goes the alarm, in goes the pill. Or should I say, “the Pill.” One tiny little tablet filled with synthetic hormones and the promise of freedom.  This simple, daily routine is commonplace for millions of women from all walks of life. And understandably so. It’s been marketed for generations as that which delivers a […]


“It’s a mom!” and other subjects a royal baby brings to life

image credit: Dacia Vu Photography “IT’S A BOY!” Headlines plastered on magazines, newspapers and across the internet heralded the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Prince Harry beamed before reporters as he announced the birth of his son, looking tired but absolutely over the moon. Although this joyful […]


A plea for boys and roughhousing

image credit: Nicole Elizabeth Photo Mamas, do you ever look at your sweet, wild, energetic son(s) and think, whoo boy. How am I to raise this little warrior? What am I going to teach him about his masculinity?  How can I foster his sense of discipline and self-mastery? How can I help him develop both […]


Actress Ashley Bratcher Announces #MyUnplannedStory to Empower Women in Unplanned Pregnancies

image credit: Unplanned Film Ashley Bratcher, lead actress in the recent film Unplanned, took to her personal Instagram page on April 1 to reveal something that made her involvement in the pro-life film come full circle. Captioned under a picture of her with her nine-year-old son, she writes that she was once “a very young, […]


If Disciplining Your Kids Feels Kind of Impossible

I have read more books and articles on discipline than I can count. I’ve listened desperately to podcasts and the advice of friends, scrolled through forums and Facebook groups ad nauseam, searching for new strategies, scripts, and approaches. I thought that if I could discover some kind of magic solution and implement it correctly, then […]


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